Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Ramadhan datang lagi...alhamdulillah, I thank Allah for allowing me to live another Ramadhan, insyaallah and pray I have another next year :-).

What I love about Ramadhan?

1. No evil spirit or ghost roaming during Ramadhan
Remember when I was a kid (even
when I am a grown up now huh!!),
I'm afraid of ghost. So when
Ramadhan came, we can go out
at night, any time (save for
Maghrib - it's still a no No NO...Ramadhan or not!) and play without feeling scared at all cause when Ramadhan starts, all
hantu will go back to hell...hehehe
2. Food
Hu hu hu....with bazaar
Ramadhan, it's the best time to try all
sort of food...anytime also the best time
to try all sort of food-lah but Ramadhan is
the best of the best. With all the tasty delicacies available...hmm...yummy yummy.
Ahh...and Ramadhan buffet. Last week,
 I went to Tropical Inn and saw a
pamphlet on "MACAM-MACAM ADA"
Mega Buffet...gah! I can't wait!!!

3. Succulent dates
Need I say more? You
can't find something like
these on normal day, or
maybe you can but a dried dates,
with not many choices.

4. The call to prayer sound better
The muezzin sings the call to prayer from the mosque. Yeah it's
a familiar sounds to most of us but hmmm...I don’t know why it
sounds better during Ramadan. Is the muezzin trying harder
because it’s such a special month? :-)

5. It ends with a holiday!!
Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfirri!! What is there not to love about? :-)
Anyway, to all my friends and Muslims around the world, who read my blog (as if ... hehehe), I wish...
Happy Ramadhan
May Your Patience and Strength Take You Closer to Allah.

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